5 Attractions In Italy Spread Across Four Cities

Guess what folks, we are back in Italy looking at exciting things to do there. I just got done telling you that I didn’t include any Florence attractions, and now I have the chance. Do you think I can beat the last list of the top attractions? It’s time to take a look at five more things to do in Italy that would certainly make for great vacation experiences.

Piazzale Michaelangelo is an easy bus ride away, and you get to enjoy a nice walk, see a rose garden and enjoy a bottle of wine. Not only that, but the reviews also say that you get to see a panoramic view of the city of Florence. Now that would certainly be the first Florence attraction I would pick, just because of the panoramic view. I am moving on to another city next, so that is a way to see all of Florence all at once.

Sassi Di Matera is located in Matera, Italy. This attraction is an old town, and it has been used in films like Ben Hur. Sassi Di Matera is said to have cave dwellings and is quite large.

The reviewers say there are quite a few things there to do, and some people call it a bucket list type adventure. It really grabbed my attention, and it sounds quite amazing to be honest. So, this would be one of the first attractions that I visit if I were to be vacationing in Italy.

We are headed back to Florence, so you can actually ink in two attractions for that city if you have time. This Florence, Italy attraction Piazza Del Duomo, and the architecture is amazing according to the pictures. Reviewers call it stunning, and you can check out the bell tower and eat some delicious gelato.

The next adventure is in Rome. We have already established in the last article that there is tons to do in Rome.

Evidently this is another place where you can enjoy gelato. The Trevi Fountain looks beautiful, and yes, people throw coins into the fountain. People say though that you do have to watch for pickpockets. Isn’t that something since you are going to a major tourist attraction?

Piazza Del Campo is the next attraction, and it is located in Siena, Italy. The picture I saw looked very interesting. What’s odd but cool about this place is that so many people say it’s a good spot for people watching. It is also a popular attraction when it comes to going to horse races.

Well we made it to Florence finally. We went back to Rome for another popular attraction and Milan is still on the list, too. I am still getting over the pickpockets thing, but the reviews say that there are police on site. So what do you think about these five attractions? I think they are going to be so much fun, and you will have a blast. Keep on exploring more attractions and things to do all over the beautiful country of Italy.